Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia Elects Officers and Directors

New chapter leadership announced at annual meeting in Athens

ATHENS, GA (October 8, 2019) – The Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia today announced the election of Officers and Directors for the 2020 – 2021 term, effective January 1, 2020.

Winter Horbal of Temple, Inc., was elected Chapter President; Tom Udell of Jacobs was elected Vice President; for Secretary, Marc Start of AECOM; and, for Treasurer, Thomas Glueckert of Kimley-Horn. Jenny Johnson of Kimley-Horn is Immediate Past President. The term of officer positions is two years.

Elected to the Board were: Matt Glasser of the Georgia Department of Transportation; Brook Martin, Cobb County Department of Transportation; Keith Rohling, Clayton County Department of Transportation; Dee Taylor, AECOM and Rachel Cohen, 360 Network Solutions.

“It is truly an honor to serve as president of one of the leading ITS State Chapters in the nation, and I am excited to be working with our member organizations, fellow officers and directors to reach even higher,” said Ms. Horbal. “I want to build on the chapter’s momentum of growth and knowledge and to push to the forefront the capabilities of ITS solutions to improve safety and the overall mobility experience for all Georgians.

“I want to thank the chapter for allowing me to serve these past two years as president. It was a tremendous personal and professional experience, and I am proud of the chapter’s many accomplishments. I look forward to continue supporting the organization, Winter and the board as immediate past president,” said Jenny Johnson, ITS Georgia President. 

About ITS Georgia

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia is a group of organizations that support Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology as a way to significantly reduce congestion and improve the performance, safety and efficiency of our transportation system.  ITS Georgia provides a forum for advocacy, facilitation, integration, and for learning more about ITS. ITS Georgia members include federal, state and local transportation agencies, ITS technology and service providers, large private and commercial transportation system users, universities, and other interested parties with missions that involve, or are affected by, the transportation system.  Visit for more information.