Committees Glossary

Here is a list of committees that help manage ITS Georgia activities, projects and official business.

2024 Annual Meeting

Madison Dorminey, Planning Committee Chair
Augusta, Sept 15-17, 2024.

The committee leads include: Edmond Jones – Technical program, Troy Galloway – Sponsorship Committee, Kaitlyn Stewart – Welcome / Registration, Tancy Bachmann – Exhibtor Coordination, George Curtis – Networking Reception Coordinator, Whitney Nottage / Mike DiSanza – Website and Social Media, Ken Keena / Tyler Dickerson – Audio / Visual, Jeff Legg – Golf Outing, Holly Painter as an advisor.


Chair: Kate Shearin
Members: Alex E, Mary T, Christian Monasterio, Michele Arnold

This committee is responsible for planning the monthly chapter luncheons organizing workshops and the technical program for the annual meeting.

Past Presidents

Chair: Tom Glueckert

This committee is comprised of ITSGA Past Presidents and will communicate to the Board of Directors through the Immediate Past-President, who will also serve as Chair of the Committee. Direct responsibilities of the committee include administering the chapter’s annual recognition awards program, facilitating the chapter’s annual elections process, providing advice and leadership to the Board of Directors upon their request or whenever the committee feels this is appropriate, and assisting the Board in governing the Association based on past practices. The committee is encouraged to meet at least once a year.


Chair: Whitney Nottage
Members: Alex E, Emily D

This committee is responsible for preparing a communications plan for the year and implementing that plan, and coordinating outreach activities of the other committees.


Chair: Ken Keena
Members: Tyler D, Rashawn Randall, Michael Templeton (photography)

This committee is responsible for all audio visual for meetings, and media management (pictures, recordings, etc).

Membership and Finance

Chair: Troy Galloway
Members: Kate S, Emily D

This committee is responsible for overseeing chapter finances and identifying and recruiting new organizations and individuals.

Networking/Social Activities (Fun)

Chair: Madison Dorminey

This committee is responsible for organizing special programs to enhance member professional and personal growth.

Outreach / Education

Chair: Steven Sheffield
Members: Tom

There are four subcommittees:

  • Student Chapter/Scholarship subcommittee
    Chair: Greg Ramsey. Members: Kaitlyn. This committee works with KSU and Georgia Tech to keep them engaged with the chapter.
  • Service subcommittee
    Chair: Steven Sheffield. Members: Tom. This committee organizes the chapter’s public service activities including charitable giving and supporting the relationship with the Boys and Girls Club, mentorships, and internships.
  • Training subcommittee
    Chair: Mary Thumaty. Members: Derrick. This committee provides year-round training, workshops, and ongoing development of an online ITS training library.
  • Legislative subcommittee
    Chair: Steven Sheffield. Members: Kaitlyn, Mary, Steve Dickerson. This committee is responsible for keeping track of key issues with policymakers that may affect the organization and its members.