Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia Announces Election of Directors

New chapter leadership announced at annual meeting in Jekyll Island.

JEKYLL ISLAND, GA (September 25, 2023) – The Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia today announced the election of Officers and Directors for the 2024 – 2025 term, effective January 1, 2024.

Matt Glasser of Arcadis was elected for Chapter President; Holly Painter of KCI Technologies Inc. was elected for Vice President; Michael Presley of WSP for Secretary; and, Farrah Glasgow of Utilicom Supply Associates, LLC will be stepping out of her current Director position and moving into the Treasurer role. Thomas Glueckert of Kimley-Horn is Immediate Past President. The term of officer positions is two years.

Elected to the Board were: Kate Shearin of KCI Technologies, Inc.; Kaitlyn Stewart of the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT); Derrick Crowder of City of Roswell DOT; Alexander Estrada of the Georgia DOT; and Greg Ramsey of Peachtree Corners DOT.

This fine group will be joining those with one year left on the Board: Whitney Nottage of Q-Free ASA; Emily Dwyer of the Georgia DOT; Steven Sheffield of Seoul Robotics; Mary Thumaty of SE Engineering; and Troy Galloway of Arcadis US.

“ITSGA has been a unifying organization that has fostered public and private sector collaboration for advancing roadway technology. No doubt, the partnerships built through ITSGA have propelled Georgia to a prominent position in the transportation industry.” said Mr. Glasser. “I’m honored to lead the nation’s top ITS chapter and am eager to continue this tradition.”

“I would like to thank the board members and executive committee members who are ending their two-year term this year including Vice President Rachel Cohen of 360 Network Solutions, LLC; Treasurer Mahesh Atluri of HNTB; Secretary Steven Foy of City of Cartersville; and board members Matt Glasser of Arcadis; Holly Painter of KCI Technologies, Inc; Ken Keena of Gwinnett County DOT; and Greg Ramsey of Peachtree Corners DOT,” said Mr. Glueckert. “Thank you all for supporting me over the past two years and working hard to maintain ITSGA’s position as a leader in the professional organization space.” Mr. Glueckert added, “a special thank you to Winter Horbal, our immediate past president, for her guidance and support to ITSGA over the past several years. Your contribution will be missed.”

About ITS Georgia

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia is a group of organizations that support Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology as a way to significantly reduce congestion and improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of our transportation system. ITS Georgia provides a forum for advocacy, facilitation, integration, and education of ITS. ITS Georgia members include federal, state, and local transportation agencies, ITS technology and service providers, large private and commercial transportation system users, universities, and other interested parties with missions that involve, or are affected by, the transportation system. Visit for more information.

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