Fulton County Transportation Division

The Fulton County Transportation Division of Facilities and Transportation Services (FTS) serves the public by providing a transportation system and services that emphasize safety, quality, cost effectiveness, economic vitality and sensitivity to the environment.

The Transportation Division is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the County’s infrastructure. It provides a variety of services to the citizens of unincorporated south Fulton County, internal operating departments, and governmental agencies.

Scope of Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • 606 miles of paved roads
  • 27 miles of unpaved roads
  • 61  bridges
  • 33 detention ponds
  • 72 signalized intersections
  • 20 school zone flashing lights
  • 12 flashing caution lights

Contact: Wyvern Budram

Website: www.fultoncountyga.gov/fts-t-home