Farrah Glasgow

Farrah Glasgow has over 15 years of experience in the transportation and outside plant infrastructure industries. An original employee of Utilicom, she joined the company as a bookkeeper in 2007 and quickly excelled transitioning from accounting to sales. In her current role as account manager, she develops trusting relationships with customers by delivering personalized service and customized solutions across the state of Georgia.

Farrah knows firsthand the value and impact that ITS brings to the transportation industry having been an active participant since 2016. She appreciates the efforts of the organization to be a trusted source for up-to-date industry information and consolidate efforts to create a better future transformed by safer, greener, smarter intelligent mobility. Farrah is excited about the opportunity to step into a leadership role with ITS Georgia and serve the membership.

Pedestrian and bike safety is a personal passion of hers. As a cyclist herself, and mother to an avid cyclist living in LA, Farrah looks forward to contributing to ITS GA’s drive to deploy ITS making roadways safer and ultimately saving lives.

Fun Fact!

Farrah Glasgow is an Account Manager with Utilicom Supply Associates and is a candidate for the ITSGA BOD. Fun fact about Farrah and her connection to ITS…She has a passion for promoting biker and pedestrian safety. Her son, an avid cyclist, lives in LA and works in a bike shop there. Farrah enjoys riding the custom bike he built and gifted to her which fuels her desire to create safer roadways for all.

Contact Farrah to hear more: [email protected]