Douglas County Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, study, review, and operation of traffic control devices such as signs, signals, and pavement markings on all of Douglas County’s roadways. Traffic control devices are important because they optimize traffic performance, promote uniformity nationwide, and help improve safety by reducing the number and severity of traffic crashes.

Additional responsibilities include Design, installation, maintenance, & operation of all traffic control devices (traffic signals, ITS devices, signs, and pavement markings). Perform and review the traffic operations aspect of transportation system planning projects. Enforce access management/control standards through the review & permit of new developments. Evaluate and develop traffic calming initiatives and plans where warranted. Development of new & revised traffic laws & ordinances. Continuously optimize traffic operational efficiency with existing roadway capacity by Getting More Out of What We Have. Perform, manage, and analyze all traffic data collection efforts including traffic volume, accident data, speed, and vehicle classification.

Contact: Karla Poshedly

Website: Douglas County Traffic Operations