Cobb County DOT

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The Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) develops, manages, and operates the county’s transportation systems.

Those systems include a vast network of roadways, sidewalks, and pathways; a transit system that provides public transportation services; and a general aviation airport that serves business and recreational flying needs.

More than 150 employees work in Cobb DOT’s seven divisions: administration, engineering, traffic operations, planning, airport, transit, and road maintenance. Working with partners in the community, DOT uses innovative technology to deliver high-impact results.

Housed within the newly constructed Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC), Traffic Operations oversees the county’s traffic signal systems (Traffic Signal Reporting Form) and operates an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) (Traffic Cameras). The division also issues permits to utilities desiring to locate in County rights-of-way (Utilities) as well as oversees pavement marking and signage issues.