Barge Design Solutions

Barge Design Solutions is an employee-owned professional services firm that includes engineers, planners, architects, landscape architects, surveyors, technicians, and scientists. Since our founding in 1955, we have grown to a staff of over 350 across 14 offices and five states. Barge is one of the Southeast’s largest and oldest engineering firms providing professional services to municipalities, State DOTs and the private sector for their transportation needs for over 50 years. Our core transportation related services include roadway and structural design, traffic signal system design and implantation as well as ITS planning, design and construction engineering and inspection management. Our experience in planning, design services, and managing transportation projects offers our clients a background that incorporates sound time management, engineering, construction administration, and regulatory compliance. Barge also offers its clients a wide variety of other services such as, planning, traffic and environmental studies, landscape architecture, aviation planning and engineering, water services, survey and roadway lighting electrical as well as construction engineering.

Contact: Mark Washing