2016 Best of ITS Awards


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Best of ITS Awards Entries Due Friday, May 20, 2016

(Washington, DC, April 29, 2016) – ITS America’s competitive “Best of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Awards” annually recognizes organizations that have implemented the most advanced transportation projects in the transportation and technology industry. This program aims to distinguish organizations whose projects demonstrate specific and measurable outcomes and exemplify innovation.

In 2016, ITS America will award a Best Partnership Project winner in three categories:

Wheels & Things

“Wheels and Things,” focuses on all “things” using, altering or creating new intelligent transportation system technologies. The car, the bike, the bus, the metro, the truck, the train, even the drone + Connectivity + Interaction = Smart City. What are the policy issues around security? People who want to move and stuff that needs to be moved self-identify, broadcast, and serve as passive information generators within the network.

Infrastructure of Things

“Infrastructure of Things” focuses on all the “stuff” the “wheels & things” interact with. The physical hardware—lights and poles, signs, medians, and loops. The network backbone. Wireline. Wireless 4G, 5G, DSRC, LTE, LTE-Direct. The “middleware”—the glue—of the intelligent transportation system. What will traffic management look like? What is scalable? What are the technical security issues? How will deep learning work create “new” infrastructure?

Show Me The Money!

“Show Me The Money!” focuses on what the future ITS backend will look like? It’s the cloud? Who’s cloud? Seamless payment systems, billing, customer relationship management, identity, network management. What are app developers thinking? What’s happening in traditional insurance? In financing? Public agencies taking on private ideas. It’s the money—private and public—making it all happen.

Eligibility Requirements & Criteria – Only ITS America members are eligible for consideration. Entries may include multiple project partners, but only ITS America members will receive formal recognition.

– Only projects implemented in North America will be considered.

– Only entries for projects deployed in the 2015 or 2016 calendar year will be considered.

– Entries should be detailed enough to present the merits of the entry but should not exceed 3,000 words.

– All award applications must highlight a business-to-business, government-to-government, or public-private cross-jurisdictional and/or multi-disciplinary partnership that resulted in a successful ITS project that demonstrates the impact of ITS on both the present and the future.

– Entrants may submit more than one project in the overall awards competition, but only one project per category. Submitting more than one project in a single category will result in all of that entrant’s submissions in that category being disqualified from consideration.

– All submissions are due to ITS America by COB Friday, May 20, 2016. Use the subject line “ATTN: Rachel Rettberg – Best of ITS Awards” and email your entry to [email protected].

Award Selection Procedure

Mike Doyle of ITS America is serving as chair of the awards process. Entries will be reviewed and final selections made by the ITS America Board of Directors. Awards will not be given in categories that only receive one nomination.

Winning Projects Featured at “Best of ITS Showcase”

Winners will be announced at the “Best of ITS Showcase & State DOT Reception,” co-sponsored by Econolite and Kapsch, on Sunday, June 12, 5:00-6:30 p.m. PDT. The event immediately follows the “State DOT Policy Roundtable,” sponsored by HNTB, slated for Sunday, June 12, 3:00-4:45 p.m.

Top finalists will receive tabletop space to set up a display highlighting their winning project. During the showcase and reception, guests, including state DOT officials, will be invited to tour the displays to learn more about each project.Format and Submission Instructions The following information must appear on a cover sheet in the document:

– Name of the project (as it should appear in all materials and on the award)

– Category entered

– Name of organization(s) (as it should appear in all materials and on the award)

– Mailing address

– Contact person (full name, job title, affiliation, email) Nomination Questionnaire All entries are to be in a narrative format and should address the following questions:

– Project Description: What is the purpose of the project? What needs and challenges does it address? Whom does it serve? Was it designed as a short-term or long-term effort? How does it further the development and/or deployment of ITS? How does it help the organization achieve its goals?

– Project Results: Using a “before and after” comparison, please describe the project’s results—the specific and measurable outcomes—and explain how you measure performance. Prior to the start of the project, what were the conditions, results, or situations that serve as “the baseline” against which you compare the project’s outcomes? What are the results of the project?

– Project Impact: How does it make a difference in the lives of people? How does it advance safety, sustainability and security?

– Potential as a Model:  How can the project serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by other organizations?

– Additional Background: Provide information about the origin and implementation of the project such as: Who was responsible for starting it? Were any particular funding sources, resources, partnerships, and alliances particularly helpful in implementing and sustaining it? What is its future?

– Statement by the Project’s Leadership: Regarding the processes of innovation, leadership, and building partnerships, have you gained any knowledge or insight that might be instructive or inspiring to others? The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) advocates for industries marrying tech and transportation, putting transportation at the center of the Internet of Things (IoT).

ITS America works to identify and drive public policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels to advance deployment of the technologies that will support data-driven integrated mobility.ITS America 2016 San Jose, a new show representing this transformative moment in intelligent transportation, is built around the theme “Integrated Mobility. Transportation Redefined.”

Each day has its own focus:

– “#THISisITS Making It Work,” on Sunday, June 12, features pre-show public-private partnership and investment opportunities, highlighted by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Accelerating ITS Deployment Day” workshop.

– “Wheels & Things” rolls in on Monday, June 13. Sponsored by Xerox, the day revolves around all things using, altering or creating new ITS technology.

– “The Infrastructure of Things” is on Tuesday, June 14. Sponsored by Lear, the day is built around all the stuff that interacts with wheels and things.

– “Show Me The Money!” on Wednesday, June 15, will feature venture capitalists and the changing business models that are disrupting the “transportation” landscape.

For more information, visit www.ITSAmerica2016.org/BestofITSAwards.