Shafik Md Shafikul Islam

Shafik is a Professional Transportation Engineer currently with HNTB in the Traffic and ITS group. Before joining HNTB, he worked for Arcadis for about 5 years and worked in Traffic Operations Projects such as RTSO, RTOP/TSOS, Regionwide-II etc. Shafik has been involved with ITS GA since started working in the industry. He previously served the ITS GA Technical committee, events committee and is currently serving the ITS GA annual meeting committee and programs committee. He aspires to serve the board as his next endeavor to take ITS GA to the next level by bringing more talents to the committees, new speakers to the meetings and engaging more engineers with exciting events. During his leisure, Shafik likes to volunteer for non-profits (he has founded a non-profit to provide interest-free loan to its members) and work in his yards.

Contact Shafik to hear more: [email protected]

See Shafik’s campaign video here: ITSGA | 2023.07.26 | Board Nominee | Md Shafikul Islam Shafik – YouTube