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Welcome to the ITS Georgia Knowledge Base.

This section is designed to house all things ITS in Georgia. From federal, state, regional and local documents and requirements to information about ITS Georgia. Please help us keep this information up to date by submitting your documents and giving us ideas for sources. E-mail information, or send comments to Bill Wells.


2014 Presentations


January - SRTA Update


2013 Presentations


October 31 - Intelligent Railroads


June 27 - Managed Lanes


May 30 - Columbia County Workshop

Columbia County ITS Deployment

Construction Issues in ITS Deployment

Remote Access to ITS Systems and Devices

ITS R&D at Clemson University


March 28 - Connected Vehicles


2012 Annual Meeting

Keynote Address – Washington Update –

Scott Belcher, President & CEO of ITS America

Wrapping Your Brain Around the Many Miracles of the Microelectronics Revolution – Dr. John Cressler, Georgia Tech

The Future of Transportation – Scott Belcher, President of ITS America


Selected Monthly Presentations

Connected Vehicles Infrastructure

HOT Lanes Lessons Learned

Transit and Traveler Information

Salt Lake Bus Rapid Transit

2007 Chapter Annual Report (pdf)
2008 Chapter Annual Report (pdf)
2009 Chapter Annual Report (pdf)
2010 Chapter Annual Report (pdf)

Hot Lanes Presentation

Atlanta Smart Corridor Project Fact Sheet
Keith Golden's Presentation May 2010

Adaptive Traffic Signals

ITS and arterials
Stimulus - FTA FHWA
TRIP presentation April 2009
Wireless delivery of ITS
ITS in Action at Georgia Tech
IT3 Strategic Transportation Plan for Georgia

Get Georgia Moving Coalition Presentation

ITS, Transit and Homeland Security
GDOT ITS Strategic Deployment Plan
2007 Traffic Signal Report Card

Proceedings from the 2007 ITS Georgia Annual Meeting

VII Update August 2007

 2006 ITS Georgia Annual Report (pdf) (flash)
 2006 Annual Meeting Presentations
 I-95 Southern States Communications Program
 GDOT 511 Presentation
 GDOT Concept of ITS Operations
 Atlanta Regional Performance Measures utilizing GDOT’s Navigator data
 RouteMatch ITS Technology

SCATS - Adaptive Traffic Signals in Cobb

 Breeze Card - MARTA ITS Strategy Presentation

Videolarm Presentation

SunNav 2.0 Update

Interstate 50th Anniversary Presentation from GDOT (large file)

 Metro Atlanta Traffic Incident Management Strategic Vision

Atlanta Regional Commission Congestion Management Process Update - March 2006

Corridor Congestion Management Update - March 2006

 ITS America Update from Pat McGowan - February 2006

FHWA's Director of the Office of Transportation Management Jeffrey Lindley's comprehensive overview of the transportation operations and ITS provisions of SAFETEA-LU

Congestion Mitigation Task Force Draft Resolution

Congestion Mitigation Task Force Final Report - December 2005

Ad-hoc Vehicle Communications Research at Georgia Tech

This presentation was given at the October 2005 ITS Meeting by Dr. Michael Hunter. It explores research at Georgia Tech into intelligent vehicle communication issues.

Presentations from the inaugural TIME Annual Meeting

TIME and Funding

Traffic Incident Management Team

Accident Scene Mapping

Statewide Communications

Florida's Traffic Incident Management

2005 Annual Meeting Presentations

An excellent primer on the future and present states of ITS.

 2005 ITS Georgia Annual Report

NaviGAtor Web PowerPoint

This presentation was given at the ITS Georgia February workshop in Macon. It contains valuable information about the emerging NaviGAtor web technology.

Georgia NaviGAtor Current Special Provisions

Section 631 - Permanent Changeable Message Signs - NAV01-045 Rev 11.0

Section 639 - Strain Poles for Overhead Sign and Signal Assemblies - NAV01-046 Rev. 1.0

Section 682 - Electrical Wire, Cable, And Conduit - NAV01-047 Rev 9.0

Section 797 - Hub Building - NAV01-048 Rev. 5.0

Section 935 - Fiber Optic System - NAV01-049 Rev. 15.0

Section 936 - Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - NAV01-050 Rev. 7.0

Section 937 - Video Detection System - NAV01-051 Rev. 7.0

Section 938 - Detection - NAV01-052 Rev. 11.0

Section 939 - Communication and Electronic Equipment - NAV01-053 Rev. 15.0

Section 940 - NaviGAtor Advanced Transportation Management System Integration - NAV01-054 Rev. 2.0

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The role of ITS in hurricane evacuations

Moving hundreds of thousands of people in and out of hurricane-threatened areas is a major issue for the Georgia and Florida Departments of Transportation. The 2005 hurricane season is an active one. What role does ITS play in hurricane evacuations? What lessons have been learned. What opportunities are there for improvement?

At the ITS Georgia luncheon on July 28, 2005, Paul Clark, Statewide Traffic Incident Management Program Manager and Road Ranger Coordinator for the Florida Department of Transportation and Eric Pitts, Assistant State Maintenance Engineer for the Georgia Department of Transportation gave excellent presentations.  View their reports on how ITS is helping to improve the movement of people.

ITS and Georgia Hurricane Evacuations Presentation to ITS Chapter July 28, 2005 - Eric Pitts, GDOT

ITS and Florida Hurricane Evacuations Presentation to ITS Chapter July 28, 2005 - Paul Clark, FDOT

Georgia Navigator Hurricane Site

Gulf Coast Georgia Evacuation Routes

Atlantic Coast Georgia Evacuation Routes

I-16 One-way User's Guide

Florida Department of Transportation Hurricane Response Action Plan

Hurricane Names


Below is a listing of articles about ITS in Georgia


Upper-hand Management - New system allows Georgia DOT to stay on top or traffic mobility -- by Matthew J. Lee and Anthony M. Bradford; Roads & Bridges, May 2004 -- submitted by Christine Simonton, PB Farradyne

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